22.02.2017 | Master's Programme

Call for Applications: Radical Cut-Up Master's Programme

Sandberg Instituut's new interdisciplinary Radical Cut-Up Master's programme in Amsterdam: Celebrating the emergence and evolution of the cut-up as the contemporary mode of creativity and dominant global model of cultural production today.

Starting class in October 2017, Radical Cut-Up is open for applications until 1 April, 2017 from the field of design, graphics, photography, video, architecture, film, sculpture, dance, theater, poetry, philosophy, literature, drawing, painting, animation, digital media, illustration and fashion design!

Directed by Berlin-based curator, artist and writer Lukas Feireiss, Radical Cut-Up encourages its participants from across all disciplines to copy, combine, create and celebrate experimental forms of creative production. Against the backdrop of the accelerated growth of new digital technologies that expand the production and circulation of images, text, sound, and objects in contemporary life, the interdisciplinary temporary master thereby draws on a broader definition of the term “cut-up“ as a mixture or fusion of disparate elements, or the art of carefully crafted juxtaposition.

Amongst the numerous collaborators and tutors for Radical Cut-Up are 2A+P, Amie Dicke, Sarah Farina, Nadine Goepfert, Afaina de Jong, Charlie Koolhaas, Hanne Lippard, Leonard van Munster, Ahmet Ögüt, The One Minutes, Peter de Potter, Studio for Immediate Spaces, Floyd E. Schulze, and many more!

More info: www.radicalcutup.com and www.sandberg.nl/radical-cutup-course